A 25-year-old Bolton man faces multiple charges in connection to a shooting in Huntington that left a hunter in critical condition.

Alex Gaudette, 25, allegedly shot James Cameron, 35, of Fairfax, as Cameron was walking to a tree stand on private land Saturday morning. Neither man was wearing blaze orange. Police said a third hunter called 911.

Investigators said Gaudette claimed to have mistaken Cameron for a bear.

Gaudette is set to appear in Chittenden County Court on Thursday. He faces charges of aggravated assault, negligent use of a gun aand reckless endangerment. The aggravated assault charge carries penalties of up to 15 years of jail time and a fine of up to $10,000. Gaudette could also lose his hunting license for five years. 

“These incidents are highly preventable and highlight the importance of positively identifying your target while hunting,” said Game Warden Detective Sergeant Robert Currier. 

Nicole Meier, a Hunter Education Program coordinator, said blaze orange makes you seven times more visible. “It’s always worth screwing up your hunt and leaving the woods safely than just sitting out and possibly waiting for some kind of an accident to occur,” she said.