A tradition passed down from generation to generation. Mark Bove knew he had to keep his family’s pasta sauce recipe alive. 

“One of my dreams was always to make the pasta sauces myself and I have always co packed out of state,” Bove said. “I wanted to bring it back to Vermont.” 

After his grandparents’ restaurant closed in 2015, he wanted his factory to produce the sauce that would take Vermonters back in time. 

“Food has memories, they hold memories, and I think that for a lot of folks that have dined at the restaurant it will bring them back or trigger some type of memory that they had growing up at that restaurant,” Bove said. 

The factory has the restaurant’s stove, its kettles, and even its sign.

“It reminds me of where we first started and where we came from,” Bove said. 

The factory packages 25,000 jars of sauce every four days. They ship from Canada to Florida. Bove said their sauce sales have gone up during the pandemic. 

“People were looking for good healthy choices for their family and in expensive ones but at the same time easy to make,” Bove said. 

His natural ingredients in the sauce were inspired by his grandmother. 

“To this day we don’t add sugar to the sauces, there’s a lot of pasta sauces out there that add sugar,” Bove said.  

The pandemic has forced people to eat in more, but dinner has always been important for Bove’s family. Before passing away, his father made sure to pass along a message. 

“To eat dinner with your family at night because that is something that he never had he only could sit down with his family once a week and that was on Sunday afternoon for the sunday dinner,” Bove said. 

Bove’s has expanded recently, and now they have a room just to make lasagna. They hope to have the lasagna in grocery stores by April or May.