Burlington, VT –  After nearly four years without a permanent police chief, the Burlington City Council on Monday agreed to appoint Acting Chief Jon Murad to the position.

Murad’s nomination by Mayor Miro Weinberger was approved by an 8-4 vote. He is the city’s first permanent chief since 2019, when Brandon del Pozo resigned after he admitted to creating a fake Twitter account to troll a city resident.

Weinberger first appointed Deputy Chief Jan Wright to replace Del Pozo, but that lasted just hours before it was discovered Wright had also maintained a fake social media account to engage with the public.

The job then went to Jennifer Morrison, who left the position in September 2020 following a leave of absence to care for her husband.

Murad was first nominated for the permanent position in January 2022, but he failed to gain support from City Council Progressives, who said he lacked transparency and accountability for the department’s actions.

In May, Weinberger made a strong case for Murad’s permanent appointment on the steps of City Hall. “Our city needs and deserves a strong reliable leader in our police department,” said Weinberger. “The day he stepped into office, he has faced tests with little precedent,” said Weinberger.

Council members who voted against Murad on Monday say he has still failed to address systemic racism in the police force. Those in favor say Murad has made positive changes to policing in the city, and Burlington should be grateful he is still with the department.