As of November 5th, you might have noticed a fresh face in the town office building, in Richmond. 

After a nearly 20-year long career in the ski industry, Josh Arneson is now leading the town of Richmond, as Town Manager. 

“My professional experience comes from the private business world. Most recently, I was Vice President of Revenue & Marketing for Bolton Valley Resort,” said Arneson.

Arneson was born and raised in Rhode Island and initially moved to Vermont for the opportunities the regions ski industry had to offer. Spending his first 9 years working at Killington Resort, then moving to Bolton Valley Resort. 

Now, he is focused on meeting with all department heads, and getting to know those who make Richmond, well Richmond. “Some people look at me and say,’oh you joined at the busiest possible time.’ But I really look at it as an opportunity.”

With a town population of just over 4,000 residents, Arneson is looking forward to leading the community. 

“A town plan got approved early in November. Now it’s going to be implemented across the town. Its great we have a document to help us understand what the residents in town want.”

Arneson wrapped up by saying, just last week the select board directed the town to start the search for the replacement of Chief Alan Buck.