The ten best days of summer are becoming some of the hottest days this year.

With Tuesdays temperatures soaring into the 90’s, and Wednesday expected to do the same, we decided to see just how folks were beating the heat while still enjoying everything the fair has to offer.

Ron Garry was manning the Old Fashion Root Beer Float stand, trying to stay cool himself while preparing for the long lines.

“We know that you know everybody’s going to be thirsty and we sell a lot of them so bring them on come-on people and have some fun,” said Garry.

As for the animals, many found the best way to stay cool is by sleeping. Jim and Barb Amblo say their horses aren’t too fazed by the heat.

“Make sure they have enough water that’s the main thing, just like people, same thing, stay as cool as you can don’t move any faster than you have to,” they said.

But by far the coolest place to be is on the rides, as everyone tries to beats the heat on these final few weeks of summer.