History was made at 20,000 feet as a Kentucky native became the first woman to pilot an F-35 fighter jet for the Vermont Air National Guard.

First Lieutenant Kelsey Flannery is a 30-year-old former boxing instructor. According to the Air National Guard, she spent the last three years training to pilot the F-35A Lightning II.

Flannery was part of a small group of hundreds of applicants to become a pilot with Vermont Air National Guard’s 134th Fighter Squadron, also known as the Green Mountain Boys. In 2019, they became the first Air National Guard unit to base the F-35A Lightning II, the most advanced and capable weapon system in the U.S. Air Force.

As for being the first woman to fly the F-35 in Vermont, Flannery said in a statement that it hasn’t distracted her from the mission.

“There’s definitely been a trail blazed already, and I’m really grateful to the women who have done that,” Flannery said. “But nobody has brought it u, and I feel very much like an equal here. People just treat me like a wingman and it’s great as it allows me to focus more on flying.”

Flannery is the daughter of an Air Force pilot, according to guard, and she said she always knew she wanted to fly in the military.