Lyndonville, VT– This weekend kicked off a number of graduation ceremonies for thousands of students across the Green Mountain State. Graduates from Vermont Technical College, Castleton University, and Northern Vermont University not only said goodbye to their friends and professors, but also to the names of their colleges as they know it, before the schools merge into ‘Vermont State University.’

“It’s a bittersweet beginning, we are graduating NVU, but the faculty is here, the students are here, the school’s character isn’t going anywhere,” says Matthew Condon, an atmospheric science graduate.

It’s a last hurrah for the now-former students as they celebrate their careers, and what was known to them as NVU Lyndon. VTSU Interim President Mike Smith shares the joy of the ceremony.

“It just had energy, it had excitement, and I think that is something that’s just infectious,” says Smith.

As the graduates move on, they reflect on their college journey. Alexandra Huff was the editor and chief of the school newspaper, and part of student government.

“I love it here, and through my involvement in everything, I wanted to make sure my peers who graduated with me and the incoming students, they loved it as much as I did, and they had access to the same resources,” says Huff.

Huff was part of the very first class of NVU Lyndon in 2018; and now she’s part of the very last class. She says her time was special and looks forward to the future.

Ellen Tierney was a transfer student and began her studies when the college was still known as Lyndon State College.

“When I transferred in, I didn’t regret I hadn’t come first-thing. I’m glad I found it when I did and I’m thankful I did, and I have never felt more supported coming from a small Vermont town,” Tierney notes.

Congresswoman Becca Balint commended the new grads at the ceremony. Students and staff alike noted some challenges along the journey.

“I’m excited, nervous, all of the above. It’s just a beautiful day with all of my friends. Been some challenges along the way, but everything we had to work towards has been worth it for today’s ceremony,” says Condon.

Huff looks forward to what the soon-to-be VTSU will offer students. “I’m excited about what VTSU holds, I know there’s been a lot of turmoil, and we’ve all had good days and bad days with all the changes coming. I’m excited for the opportunities students are going to have in the future,” she says.

VTSU officially takes form on July 1st, 2023.