CANTON, N.Y. — St. Lawrence University is being sued over an alleged sexual assault in April 2022.

The suit was filed this week on behalf of an employee of the university, who told university officials that they were sexually assaulted by another employee. The lawsuit alleges that the university has not investigated the incident, and the person alleged to have committed the assault continues to be employed by the university.

In a statement, the university claims they provided full support to the alleged victim when campus officials learned of the allegations. The university also emailed to students and staff, making them aware of the situation and saying the school would respond in court..

“We trust that members of our community will understand the importance of due process for all parties involved as the case proceeds through the legal process,” said university President Kathryn Morris. “Sexual misconduct is unacceptable, both on our campus and everywhere.”

A student at St. Lawrence University said they were shocked by the news.

“I was obviously upset that I hadn’t heard about it before,” the student said. “I think that’s something that everyone should know, especially if the professor is still teaching classes. Picturing myself as a student in those classes obviously makes me very uncomfortable.”

The alleged victim’s lawyer released a statement saying “no female employee should be forced to work for an employer who fails to protect her from sexual violence.

“We look forward to holding St. Lawrence responsible for its failure to protect our client from her horrific experience and its ongoing refusal to comply with the law and attempt to right this wrong.”

No court date has been announced.