After winning a three-way GOP contest for the U.S. House on Tuesday, Liam Madden is not sure if he will accept the nomination. If the Republican Party leaves the seat blank, Madden will run in the General Election as an Independent. If they refuse, he will accept the nomination and have the (R) next to his name.

Madden is a self-proclaimed Independent and says he ran for the Republican Party because he shares significant values and priorities with Republicans. He beat out the other candidates in Tuesday’s primary by about 10 percent of the vote. Madden is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran who works in the renewable energy sector. If he wins in November, he has some goals in mind.

“A clear top issue is that we need a deep reform to the two-party system, it is corrupt and dysfunctional and warlike and it does not represent us well, and I would start with term limits which are things people recognize election finance reform but I think that it needs to go deeper than that,” said Madden.

In November, Madden will face off against Becca Balint, a Progressive Democrat who was the first woman to serve as Vermont’s Senate President Pro Tempore.