Living with snakes: Keeping them away from your property

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With the onset of longer days and warmer temperatures, many snakes have emerged to enjoy the sunshine and find food.

“Just your presence might help discourage the snake.” said Herpetologist Luke Groff from Vermont Fish & Wildlife. “If that doesn’t work, a squirt bottle or a garden hose sprayed at the snake or even just around it just so the splash hits the snake will help it move away.”

Groff also recommends keeping grass short and removing wood or tarps that are next to structures. This will help keep most snakes away from homes.

Vermont is home to eleven species of snakes with two of the most common being Garter Snakes and Eastern Milk Snakes which are non venomous. There is however one venomous snake species called the Timber Rattlesnake which is now limited to a small area in western Rutland County, Vt.

Snakes can be encountered anywhere on your property, but certain areas with heat and sunshine, such as rock walls and woodpiles are a perfect location for snakes to hide.

“Just leave the snake alone, you can move around it, you can walk past it, drive your car around it, work around it. If it is not bothering you there is no real need to move it.” said Groff.

If you are out exploring all that nature has to offer and do come across a snake, however, there is no need to worry. Overall, it is most likely not venomous and they are actually good for keeping pests under control.

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