Essex Junction, VT — Local businesses are already staffing up for a busy spring and summer season. While some places are having trouble finding staff, Heather’s Sweet Treats of Essex Junction found that social media and word of mouth did the trick.

The walk-up ice cream shop is a new business opening on April 23. Amy and Chad Riley, who also own Sparky’s BBQ & Grill needed to staff up and were able to find a full staff by posting applications on social media and spreading the word through family and friends. The staff is mostly comprised of students.

“Social media definitely did help us, a lot,” said Chad Riley. “Our Heather’s Sweet Treats Facebook page, we used our Sparky’s BBQ & Grill Facebook page to put up applications. We had a few just come in, and we had a few people who worked for us mention to their friends about working, and they came in really fast. I feel so bad for the people that did, that are having that issue.”

Riley says when it comes to staffing “we got lucky”. The shop was named in remembrance of Amy’s aunt who passed away in a car crash. Heather’s Sweet Treats will serve both hard and soft-serve ice cream, as well as dog-friendly ice cream.

While the shop opens in April, it may have a limited schedule, as much of the staff will still be in school.