Vermont moms are coming together on social media to lend a hand amid the baby formula shortages.

As baby formula shelves look eerily reminiscent of early pandemic shortages, Aubree Patrick-Glen, a Jericho mom, decided she could do more and made a Facebook group to help connect moms that are struggling due to the shortages.

“Just having a designated space where families could post samples of what they have or surplus or formula that they purchased and just can’t use would be really beneficial,” said Patrick-Glen. She breastfeeds her two children but wanted to help moms that don’t have that option. “I do have some friends that have experienced this firsthand and it’s not something you can articulate. It’s terrifying, it’s really scary to not have literally what you need to keep your children alive.”

The group is called Helping VT Parents Find Formula. Moms post pictures of the formula section around stores in the area, letting parents know what is available. Some moms even give away their formula supply.

“I hope that while this is being figured out that we could come together as a community to really help parents fill gaps. I think that is the main goal, just get babies through until this is figured out.”

Alixandria Conlon from Fairfield has a four-month-old son and sees parents struggling on Facebook. “I got a couple of boxes here on the table that I am getting ready to send out because I have seen people post it.” She gets her formula from Germany and hasn’t been impacted by the shortages but feels for the parents who have.

“My heart goes out to them because that is terrifying and I can’t imagine that feeling of just not knowing where you are going to get your babies next food.” Conlon says parents need to stick together through this. “Mamas supporting mamas. That’s what it is all about and we are all doing the best we can to get through this.”

UVM Health Network physicians say don’t try to make homemade formula as it can cause nutrient deficiencies.