As more of us are heading outdoors, so are ticks. That means it’s important to be on the lookout when you’re outside with your pets. 

Dr. Jennifer Faul, a veterinarian at the Fitzgerald Animal Hospital in Colchester, said so far this year, one out of eight dogs tested positive for lyme disease. Dr. Faul said tick season is year round, but there is a bigger presence now, as well as in the fall.

Dr. Faul said it is important to check your pets head, ears, and face after because ticks will hide in those places. 

“A lot of times because dogs will have their nose on the ground, or they will sniff something, and so the ticks will start to crawl on their ears or face first,” Dr. Faul said. 

Dr. Faul recommends to talk to your vet about the best tick prevention medicine for your animal.