Lt. Gov. Molly Gray honored the life and legacy of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. on Monday and emphasized King’s leadership on civil rights.

Gray talked about voting rights across the country, especially with 19 states implementing tighter voting laws in 2021 and noted how earlier this month, Texas made it illegal for public officials to send in a mail-in ballot application unless requested.

According to Gray, Vermont’s voting rights should serve as a model for the country as Vermont has expanded absentee and early voting, ensures same-day registration, and passed universal vote by mail in general elections.

“What we need to recognize is around this country, those rights are not the same,” said Gray. “And there are a lot of steps right now to roll back access to vote by mail, to roll back same-day registration, things that we almost take for granted. It’s important to recognize, as I’ve said in my remarks, an attack on voting rights anywhere, is an attack on voting rights everywhere.”