Essex Junction, VT — Around the world, April 20 is celebrated as the unofficial cannabis holiday.

In Essex, the Magic Mann Cannabis Bakery celebrated its three-year anniversary on 4/20. On Town Meeting Day, the Town of Essex voted to allow retail cannabis sales starting in the fall.

Magic Mann brought in a cannabis researcher to educate people about cannabis use. The cannabis researcher presented her findings from a study she conducted in Israel.

“Fewer people are recommending to stop milk feeding or breastfeeding when using cannabis and more people are saying it’s dependent upon different situations and more information so statistically, that was the biggest significance we found,” said Jessilyn Dolan, a cannabis nurse, and researcher.

“We are honored to be operating at this time in history,” said Meredith Mann, Co-founder of Magic Mann Cannabis. “We can’t wait for the adult-use market to open up. In the meantime, we’re just CBD and we’re focused on educating the public and our community.”

Mann says her stores have baked goods, infused coffees and teas, and even medicated root beer floats. Only those 21 or older are able to buy.