Burlington, VT – Security cameras at a downtown Burlington bar captured a bizarre break-in early by a patron who left his phone and keys behind

David Hunter, a manager at ESOX on Main Street says a customer used a metal pole to smash their glass front door at around 2 a.m. Monday.

“He busted the glass and he walked in, got his phone, he went to the bathroom, and then he left,” Hunter said recalling the break-in. “(He) didn’t take any liquor, didn’t take any money.”

Overnight workers at ESOX who keep an eye on the security cameras saw the break-in and called Burlington police. Just over 30 minutes later, two officers arrived with guns drawn. But the man had already left the scene.

While police weren’t able to identify the man, Hunter says he and his workers have a pretty good idea of who he is. They say he is not only one of their regular customers, but also someone they’ve gotten to know pretty well in recent months.

“This guy was a customer … not anymore,” Hunter said.

Hunter says they shared everything they know about the man with police, and put pictures and videos of him up inside the bar and on their social media pages letting everyone know he’s now ‘barred’ from the bar.

Hunter says it will take a couple of weeks to get their glass front door replaced, and it’s since been temporarily boarded up. However, because the boarded up door doesn’t lock, Hunter says some workers will have to stay overnight to watch the bar until the door is fully replaced.

We don’t know if police have caught any suspects yet, but we’ll provide updates as they come.