A kid from small town Vermont is making it big time.

Aaron Gailmor owns a healthy snacks company called ‘Brass Roots Food’ and recently had the chance to go on the long-running ABC TV show ‘Shark Tank’ to share his products.

“It’s really, really cool,” Gailmor said. “It really is, because we get to share our story.”

Gailmor’s story begins in the town of Elmore, Vermont, where he attended a one-classroom school growing up. His father, Jon Gailmor, still lives in Elmore, and wasn’t too surprised to see his son find a passion in healthy foods.

“His whole life he was a great athlete and cared about what he put in his body,” Jon said. “So he took all this knowledge and started a company in healthy snacks.”

While doing research on food about a decade ago, Aaron learned about an ancient superfood that’s still grown around the world, but isn’t really known about in the United States.

“It’s called the Sacha Inchi seed, and that actually means ‘The Incan peanut,'” Gailmor said. “Incas ate it for thousands of years, so it is pretty ancient in that respect.”

Gailmor tried the seeds, and started his company around them after moving to New Orleans, Louisiana. Eventually, Brass Roots Food caught the attention of Shark Tank.

“So they actually found us,” Gailmor said. “Food definitely does really well on Shark Tank. There’s always new emerging food and beverage brands.”

Now with his episode of Shark Tank going on air, Gailmor couldn’t be any happier, and his family and friends back home in Vermont feel the exact same way. To make the big break even more special though, they have an angel watching over their shoulders.

“My mom died about a year ago, and so it’s been really neat to give my dad and my family some things to be excited about right now,” Gailmor said.

“This Shark Tank is in her honor,” Aaron’s dad, Jon, said. “I mean, we think of her all the time, and she’d be grinning ear-to-ear and laughing. She’d be very proud, as I am.”

You can catch the premiere of the new episode of Shark Tank Friday, Jan. 20 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC 22.