Medical students at the University of Vermont’s Larner College of Medicine celebrated ‘Match Day’ on Friday.

For medical students, ‘Match Day’ is touted as the single most important day in the students’ medical school career. 

On Friday at noon eastern daylight time, medical students were handed an envelope to open.

Inside, the name and location of the institution where they will conduct their residency program. 

Class President Hyunsoo No from Brooklyn, New York waited eagerly with his wife, and two small children to find out where he would be placed.

“It’s just a big signifier for us,” said Hyunsoo No, a radiation oncology medical student. 

“This is sort of the step where we go from being a student to being a provider,” said Hyunsoo No.

Hyunsoo told Local 22 & Local 44 News, he would be thrilled to be placed in and around New York City, as he is from Brooklyn. With a second choice being on the west coast.

Hyunsoo’s was matched with ‘Stanford Medicine X’ located in California, between San Fransisco & San Jose.