Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger and Acting Police Chief Jon Murad announced more than a dozen short-term public safety initiatives Thursday with an eye toward reducing gun violence.

Weinberger said he will appoint a task force to counter gun violence. And he asked the state to help make sure 2023 isn’t as violent as 2022, when Burlington police investigated five homicides and more than two dozen gunfire incidents.

“Public safety remains a top concern of Burlington residents, workers and visitors, and we still have much to do to ensure that our recent progress continues,” said Weinberger, who added that Burlington police have resolved 81 percent of shootings since 2020.

“The rate of new shootings has significantly slowed,” he said.

Weinberger called on Gov. Phil Scott and the legislature to pass new gun reforms, including a requirement for firearms storage, prohibiting guns and bars in restaurants and making reckless endangerment with a firearm a felony.

“Of the last 17 crime guns retrieved by the Burlington police, six were stolen from unsecured locations including vehicles and approximately 25 percent of the gunfire incidents over that time involved late night bar-related violence,” he said.

The mayor also vowed to continue rebuilding the Burlington Police Department, which is down about 30 officers since July 2020. The department also hopes to make progress on policing reforms, including training from the Center for Policing Equity.

“We’re going to be really digging into some training that allows us to talk about institutional and structural historical racism that police in many different places and at many different times have been undue authors of,” said Murad.