The Mayor’s Cup Regatta is a sailing tradition in Plattsburgh. The competition has been around since 1978 and attracts skippers from all across the region. From live music, to cornhole to sailboat races, the Mayor’s Cup Regatta is back in full swing this year.

“You couldn’t ask for a nicer day or venue I mean it’s gorgeous out here,” says Plattsburgh resident Tad Siemerling.

The Regatta has traditionally been held in Trinity Park but was moved to Plattsburgh City beach last year.

“We thought there were so many other locations so why don’t we try the beach,” says Mayor’s Cup Festival Chair Sue Leblanc-Durocher.

Those at the beach were not disappointed including children like Jenna Davidson.

“I love it,” says Davidson.

“This year, you look around and the beach is almost full,” says Plattsburgh City Mayor Christopher Rosenquest. “It’s nice to see.”

Plattsburgh City Beach is the longest freshwater beach in the US. Since Lake Champlain runs through Canada, Canadian racers are able to sail to Plattsburgh where they can race in the Mayor’s Cup Regatta.

After being cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic, the festival returned last year. But Mayor’s Cup Festival Chair Sue Leblanc-Durocher says. something was missing.

“You see so many Canadians boats and they’ve been sealed up for almost three years,” Leblanc-Durocher says.

Leblanc-Durocher says 50% of beachgoers are from Canada. Those in Plattsburgh are happy to see the Canadian border reopen.

And neighbors from the north are happy to be back in the North Country.

“We feel at home here, everyone’s so friendly,” says Montreal resident Mary Borsellino.

Canadian visitors tell me they’ve been wanting to come down for awhile.

“We usually come down once a year,” says Montreal resident John Davidson. “Now that it’s opened, we rented a hotel for a couple of days to come see the beach.”

Plattsburgh residents say they don’t take days like these for granted.

“We look forward to the summer times in our community,” Rosenquest says. “It’s a long winter and when the summer does come, we got to relish days like this.”