Montpelier City Council members on Wednesday rejected accusations that the city violates the Vermont Open Meeting Law and the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Stephen Whitaker, who frequently attends council meetings, has alleged residents have insufficient access to recordings of city board, council and commission meetings, and does not provide closed captioning on broadcasts and live streams of proceedings.

While the Federal Communications Commission requires closed captioning for television programming, City Manager Bill Fraser said those regulations do not apply to the city.

“And the opinion of the attorney was, number one, Mr. Whitaker had no standing to bring this issue because he had not issued any personal complaint or claimed to be harmed in any way,” Fraser said.

The council voted to dismiss Whitaker’s complaint. However, Whitaker is also alleging the city does not comply with public records laws. Whitaker, who referred to Montpelier as “America’s most mismanaged small-town capital,” complained about timeliness of the city’s response to records requests, as well as fees charged and access to inspection and copies.

“You’ve referred to records that were not given to you that you believe, because of some rumor that you’ve heard from somebody, that those records exist,” Councilor Jack McCullough replied to Whitaker. “But you do not actually have evidence that those records ever existed.”

Two Montpelier councilors won election to the state legislature Tuesday. Mayor Anne Watson was elected to the state Senate. Watson has said she would resign as mayor if elected. Councilor Conor Casey was elected to the Vermont House of Representatives.