Plowing, snow blowing and shoveling were a big of part the day for residents and businesses in the Town of Moriah, which was buried under three feet of wet heavy snow from the latest nor’easter.

Mineville resident Chris Whitman said he was expecting 8-12 inches.

“Obviously something different happened,” he said. “Mother Nature doesn’t want spring.”

Jason Harris said the heavy snow has presented some challenges trying to clean up his driveway, with his snow blower acting more like a plow. “It plows it and then you have to back up and go again, so it takes quite some time,” Harris said.

Whitman said it’s been a community wide effort to make sure everyone is able to remove the snow in their driveway. He said it took him more than hour to get home from work, a trip that normally takes 20 minutes.

“It took me three different tries to get here just because of all the hills we have to go up,” he said. “Then there was a tractor trailer that was impacted, then other tractor trailers impacted in Port Henry, so it was a nightmare.”

Essex County declared a local state of emergency from the storm. Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Shaun Gillilland said that will remain in place for five days as the county does damage assessment.