At least a half dozen people have died in motorcycle crashes in Vermont, a trend that could double the total from last year. The warmer months are a busy time for motorcyclists and motorcycle expert Kamran Pelkey says other drivers need to be aware.

“Ultimately it’s the driver that needs to be alert and be aware that come spring time and throughout the course of the summer there’s guys that are riding two wheels out there,” said Pelkey.

Mandy White from the Vermont Agency of Transportation shared a similar sentiment. “Share the road, reminding drivers that motorcyclists are out there too and that they’re not as easy to see as a vehicle,” said White.

Pelkey thinks the signs on the highway are good for reminding drivers to be aware. “Motorcycles are out, motorcycles are everywhere, just as a reminder because some people just forget. It’s been proven they don’t see motorcycles as a traffic issue as much as they do a car.”

Pelkey also discussed the proper equipment to wear. “You’re gonna have slide protection in reinforced areas in the knees and you’re gonna have knee and shin protection which you can feel. Also, hip protection which is gonna help you with impact and a slide. Elbows is a big thing, and the other thing that a lot of companies do is a back pad because if you end up falling on your back, sliding on your back, that’s huge protection for your spine.”

Pelkey adds motorcyclists can also do more, by being alert at all times and being aware that cars may not be able to see you well.