Movie theaters continue to make a comeback as owners remain optimistic

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Movie theaters are slowly but surely filling seats. All signs point to an even busier summer with some blockbuster films.

The owner of The Essex Experience, Peter Edelmann is hopeful the empty seats at Essex Cinemas will soon be filled with people, but for now they are open three days a week.

“So if I’m looking at 2019, we would have 2500 people and we currently have 400 people,” Edelmann said.  

Majestic 10 is Williston will re-open in June. Cumberland 12 in Plattsburgh is currently open Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Edelmann said the theater experience is not something you can get at home.

“You have other people around you so you get that extra energy of the people surrounding you,” Edelmann said.   

In fact he said, some people never forget the first time they saw a movie in theaters.

“It was a frightening experience,” Edelmann said. “I saw the Blob, my parents took me and I got scared and they said why don’t you walk home. Which I did, but I was only five years old.”

Essex Cinemas plans to continue its socially distanced viewing until at least July, and will continue to follow state protocols. 

“Currently what we’re doing is if you are with a family or you are vaccinated, you can sit together and then we will keep a space in between,” Edelmann said.   

Not only are they looking to get people back in the red seats, the Events Director Tim Cece said the T-Rex theater is hoping to get musicians back on the stage.

“So if you want to come here and listen to every string that an artist’s finger plucks on a string of a guitar this is the space to do it,” Cece said. 

He believes this experience will make people feel safe compared to the usual packed concert.

“Not only does it give everyone their own space, but we can space them out further if it makes them more comfortable,” Cece said. 

Edelmann said they don’t have any live music booked in the T-Rex theater yet, but they are looking for artists now.

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