An estimated 54.6 million Americans will travel for the long holiday weekend, with nearly 49 million traveling by car.

Those statistics are according to Triple-A New England and according to them, that is 98% of pre-pandemic travel numbers.

Scott and Lisa Weller are traveling from Clifton Park to St. Albans.

“Hasn’t been bad so far, I’m doing the driving,” said Lisa. “It’s light traffic, I was surprised how few cars are on the road.”

The Wellers think gas prices are keeping people close to home this time of year, and they said gas prices did not affect their travels plans.
“We’ve been through this before, I’m old enough to remember when gas prices jumped before,” Scott said.

Another traveler at the rest area on Interstate 87 said he was traveling to Montreal for the holiday and that gas prices did not affect his plans at all.
New York State Trooper Brandi Ashley gave her tips on traveling during the holiday season.

“You have to be cautious because one area could be nice, the next town over could be a disaster. The most reason we go into accidents is because of speed during the winter months,” Trooper Ashley said. “Always wear your seatbelts, during the holiday season we always have the speed week and the buckle up New York week, so just make sure everyone is paying attention to that.”

In New England, an estimated 2.1 million people will travel at least 50 miles from their home by car; and on most days the best time to travel is before 11 am or after 8 pm, but Trooper Ashley said if you get tired behind the wheel, you should pull over at the next exit or rest area and take a break.