A new fitness center was unveiled Thursday at Missisquoi Valley Union Middle & High School to promote fitness and well-being among students.

Called ‘Don’t Quit,’ the facility was made possible by a $100,000 donation from the National Governors’ Fitness Council and is part of a broader commitment to physical health in Vermont schools.

Governor Phil Scott of Vermont expressed his hopes for the students.

“We want each of you to take advantage of this fantastic new fitness center,” he said. “You’ve all earned it, and I hope you make good use of it.”

Tessa Massett, a physical education teacher at Missisquoi Valley Union, said studentd were thrilled with the new center.

“Many kids wanted to see it, and the donations are incredible,” she said.

“Don’t Quit” is more than just a name for the center; it’s a life philosophy for Missisquoi Valley Union students. “If you’re in a tough spot, keep going, don’t stop.,” said Chad Carr, 13.

Added Eric Davis, an 8th grader, “It means you should push yourself to go further, even when you don’t want to.

Massett emphasized the importance of getting students involved in fitness from a young age. by providing access to equipment and physical education. “To get kids in here without costs, show them how to use the equipment; some people avoid the gym because of fear,” she said.

The “Don’t Quit” fitness center will be home to the school’s gym classes and after-school programs, can be reserved for teams. School officials have plans to open the gym to the wider community, addressing the need for a local fitness center.

The center was funded with a combination of public and private partnerships, with contributions from companies such as Nike and The Coca-Cola Company.