Littleton, NH –A discount gas station event in Littleton gave Granite State drivers a brief blast from the past Thursday.

The conservative policy group Americans for Prosperity of New Hampshire partnered with Simon’s Market to lower gas prices to just $2.38 per gallon from 11 am to 12:30 pm.

Union Street was flooded with cars leading up to the price drop, and drivers said it eased their stress, at least for a moment.

“Everything right now with inflation and how things are going financially, nobody can get by,” said Scott Thomas Reno. “Work-wise I travel to Manchester a lot and that’s a good two-hour trip. With gas at 5 dollars a gallon, it just doesn’t cut it.” 

The owner of Simon’s Market said he was proud to sponsor the event. “A lot of people up here, in particular, have fixed incomes or low incomes so every dollar that we can help save them is a dollar that they can put to something else that they need,” said Matthew Simon, owner of Simon’s Market. “Primarily that’s the most important thing.”

Simon says he receives the revenue from the gallons sold at a reduced price, and that Americans for Prosperity supplements what he lost with funds they have raised. Their goal for the tour is to educate Americans on federal policies that contribute to inflation, said AFP’s Greg Moore.

Moore said that 1,031 gallons of gas were sold during the event. This was one of the two discounted gas station events that the AFP of New Hampshire put on, the first being in Salem on Wednesday.

Moore and Simon said the pure elation and joy they saw from Granite Staters is why they put the event on and Moore did not close the door on having more events to help NH residents with gas prices.