Concord, New Hampshire — An investigation into a fatal shooting that took place on January 16 at 46 Warren Street in Concord has come to a conclusion. The Office of the Attorney General has announced that 33-year-old Tyler Cochran will not be charged for fatally shooting 28-year-old Terrence Wigglesworth.

Interviews conducted reveal that the Cochran and Wigglesworth knew each other and had a good relationship. Allegedly, Wigglesworth had tried to enter Cochran’s apartment in search of his ex-girlfriend, who Cochran was friends with. Wigglesworth was under the impression that his ex had been having affairs with people in the apartment building and attempted to break down Cochran’s door. He eventually made his way into the apartment and began assaulting Cochran, which led to Cochran firing his semiautomatic 9-millimeter Glock 19, fatally shooting Wigglesworth in the chest.

Cochran was fully cooperative with the investigation and told officers he “had no other option but to shoot.” Interviews were also conducted with other acquaintances including the ex-girlfriend. Ultimately, the Office of the Attorney General found that Cochran was justified in using deadly force against Wigglesworth and as such, no charges would be filed against Cochran.