Concord, NH — The bodies of 67-year-old Stephen Reid and 66-year-old Djeswende Reid, were discovered in a wooded area near Marsh Loop Trail. Investigations reveal that the Reids had left their residence at around 2:22 pm on Monday and went for a walk in the area of Broken Ground Trails, and family and friends had not seen or heard from them since.

Autopsies revealed both had sustained multiple gunshot wounds and the manner of their deaths was homicide. Concord Police are asking for anyone who saw the couple on Monday or has information related to their disappearance and deaths to contact them at 603 225-8600 or to leave an anonymous tip on the Concord Regional Crimeline at 603 226-3100.

The investigation is ongoing and residents of the area are encouraged to stay vigilant and take normal precautions as they go about their lives.