A new law in New Hampshire requires public middle and high schools in the Granite State to make feminine care products available in their restrooms.

Gov. Chris Sununu signed SB 142 on Wednesday.

Representative Polly Campion (D-Etna) was a co-sponsor of the bill, and says the impact of ‘period poverty’, or lack of reasonable access to menstrual products, is a real burden on students.

“Being an adolescent middle or high-schooler is hard enough without the fear and embarrassment of lacking proper care products during the school-day because you cannot afford them,” said Campion in a statement. “Providing access to free menstrual care products in public middle and high school bathrooms is not idealistic, it’s a basic, essential measure for equality and is long over-due.”

In 2016, the New York City Council unanimously voted to become the first city in the country to give all women in public schools, prisons and homeless shelters access to free feminine hygiene products.