Peru, NY — The Ausable River Association along with the Adirondack River Rentals and Casella Waste Systems are teaming up to remove trash in and around the banks of the Ausable River.

The project to clean up as much garbage as they can from the river began six years ago. The most frequent item found is tires, which Casella takes and recycles for the Ausable River Association.

Greg Johnson, owner of Adirondack River Rentals says normally they don’t have to search very far for the trash, but this year, they have had to go farther downstream than normal, which means progress is being made. This year, they have less than normal.

“Packed full of tires up to the top, and same with the trash up to the top, I don’t know how much tonnage, probably at least 3 tons of trash if not more and over 100 tires,” said Johnson. “Honestly I think it’s getting better, every year we pull more and more tires out but this year out of all the years it just seems to be less and less.”

Johnson says there isn’t a plan to have more cleanup days this year, but if you weren’t able to make it, spreading the word is the best way to help support the cause.