Clean-up efforts continued in the North Country after high winds toppled trees and utility lines over the weekend.

At least one person died and as of Monday, hundreds were still without power.

New York State Electric and Gas reported more than 115 downed wires and 20 broken poles across six counties. NYSEG spokesperson Sarah Warren says 1,700 customers were without power as of Monday afternoon.

Some areas in the North Country were hit with wind speeds of more than 70 miles an hour. New York State Police said a man died in Mooers early Sunday after being pinned by a fallen tree branch.

Plattsburgh City Mayor Chris Rosenquest said crews have been working around the clock to assess and clean up the damage.

“It really hit the city hard and well into the evening,” he said. “Our crews were out there until 5:00 in the morning just clearing out trees, clearing out debris.”

Plattsburgh resident Linda Bryne-Luguri said “the storm was making a noise like I had never heard before.” She was left without power on Monday and planned to check into a hotel.

Rachel Boyer said the winds were “intense” and sounded like whistling. “Branches were flying, things were flying, trash cans were moving,” she said.

Rosenquest says most people can expect to have power by Monday night.