ALBANY,N.Y. (NEWS10)— In an apartment building which was once a school in Albany, Governor Kathy Hochul spoke of the need for more homes, especially now that businesses such as Micron are coming to Upstate New York.

“They estimate that there will be 50,000 jobs coming to Upstate New York. I need to put houses out there so people can live in them. This is a good problem to have. We can manage this. It’s just one company. The supply chains around this are phenomenal,” said Hochul.

In the governor’s executive budget, she proposed The New York Housing Compact— a goal of building 800,000 new homes over the next decade.

“In my proposal for the New York Housing Compact, we are proposing that every community meet a target,” explained Hochul. “We’re not saying the type of housing we’re looking for because you know your communities best, you know what the demand is.”

At a rally in the New York State Capitol, some were calling on the governor to include three housing bills in the final state budget, one of which is Good Cause Eviction.

“It’s not that if your a bad tenant you can’t get evicted, not at all,” said lobbyist, Althea Matthews. “But when people speak up about repairs the landlord feels like they’re a big mouth and don’t want to renew their lease.”

The state budget is due April 1st.