New York State Police and the Department Transportation are preparing for what forecasters predict could be treacherous conditions on the state’s roadways this weekend.

The DOT says its thorough training covers what crews need to be ready for. “Everybody goes through the same training, we do snow and ice university, we do fall training,” said Michael Flick, Regional Public Information Officer for Region 7 of the NYSDOT. “Our snow and ice prep continues on the way that it has, our training is constantly evolving but it’s continual.”

Region 7 of the DOT covers more than 8,600 square miles, the largest region in the state, which is a lot of ground to cover during a major storm.

“We are re-deploying staff inside our region, inside the 5 counties to get them where they need to be based on what projections are for storm totals so at this point in time we’re not expecting to receive men or material from outside the region,” said Flick.

New York State Police is also prepared as of 5 p.m., according to Public Information Officer Trooper Brandi Ashley

“Each trooper will be assigned a certain area and they have to call the supervisors to inform them of how the roads are, the road conditions, the weather conditions and everything,” she said.

Each supervisor then keeps tracks of the updated road conditions in a spreadsheet, so when people call dispatch to see how road conditions in their area are, they always have an updated report.

One woman out getting ready said she wasn’t too worried about the storm.

“Not real worried, but I don’t want to have a repeat of the ice storm of ‘98 which was not fun,” said Nancy Olsen. “No water, no heat, but it was only for about a week and for other people it was a lot worse.” Olsen said she’s staying close to home this weekend, as she doesn’t want to get stuck on the roads because of the potential for ice.

Another man said he bought an extra bag of salt for his driveway and some extra gas, in case he needs to fire up the generator to stay warm