It’s been 21 years since the grizzly murder of 64-year-old Marie Fleury, of Westville, but the small community just outside Malone is still reeling from that shocking night.

Every year, on the anniversary of Fleury’s death, friends, family and neighbors gather to meet with law enforcement officials for a community watch meeting aimed at discussing the case, the investigation and the community’s commitment to bringing her killer to justice. 

This year, roughly 40 people showed up at the Westville Town Hall to get updates from law enforcement. 

Senior Investigator, Aaron Stefanic, from New York’s Cold Case Unit spoke at the event. 

“Marie has not been forgotten about.  I can’t get into specifics.  I can only tell you that the state police are devoted and committed to doing everything we can to give the community answers, Marie’s family answers. And, until we are able to provide those answers, we will not stop investigating this,” said Stefanik. 

Officials urged anybody with any sort of information to contact them, stressing that the smallest piece of information could be just the break in the case they need. 

Trevor Buchanan is a reporter for the Malone Telegram.  He remembers the case, and said the community has been on-edge ever since. 

“I think until they get some kind of answer, there won’t be a lot of peace for what is typically a pretty tranquil and peaceful community,” said Buchanan.   

Town Clerk, Ann Brady said she knew Marie Fleury and her family, and hopes they find the killer soon.  She also said life has changed in her small town, since the murder. 

Brady said, “I’ve attended a lot of these meetings.  Waiting to get an update… hoping that the find who did this.”

There’s a $36,000 reward being offered for anybody with information that leads to the conviction of Marie’s killer.  

Police urge anybody with information to contact them at 518-897-2000 or e-amil the information to