Plattsburgh, NY — Retail cannabis sales are expected to begin in New York later this year, and on Thursday, the state’s Office of Cannabis Management held a “Get Ready, Get Set” workshop in Plattsburgh to help potential retailers apply for a license.

Conditional Adult-use Retail Dispensary licenses, or CAURD, are part of the Seeding Opportunity Initiative announced by Governor Kathy Hochul in March. CAURD gives priority to people with prior cannabis-related offenses who have experience with owning and operating a small business.

Four of the 175 CAURD licenses awarded across the state will be in the North Country. Plattsburgh Mayor Chris Rosenquest says he’s been a long-time advocate for retail cannabis in New York

“We’ve advocated for the Office of Cannabis Management to come up here to do this presentation for the residents of Plattsburgh and the North Country who have been negatively impacted by archaic drug laws in New York state,” he said.

The deadline for submitting applications to the state Office of Cannabis Management is Sept. 26.