Dozens of New York schools received emailed bomb threats Tuesday that state police said were part of a second swatting scheme in as many weeks aimed at causing panic and forcing law enforcement to respond to phony threats,

“We are still taking major safety precautions,” said State Trooper Brandi Ashley, who said scholls responded by delaying their opening or closing for the day. “We have troopers at the schools and we have our bomb dogs sweeping the schools for safety precautions.”

Moriah Central School received the email around 8 a.m. while students were on their way to classes for the day.

“Some were here. Some were still coming in. We went and activated our protocols and evacuated the students and moved them away from the building,” said William Larrow, Superintendent of Moriah Central School District. “State police and law enforcement agencies came in and completely swept the building multiple times,”

Lake Placid Central School in Essex County closed for the day, as did schools in the Canton, Massena and Lisbon districts in St. Lawrence County. Morristown and Gouverneur schools delayed opening as a precautionary measure,” officials said.

Last week, schools across the state — including in Potsdam, Malone, Canton and Albany — received phony threats of an active shooter, drawing an emergency response from local police departments. In February, more than 20 schools across Vermont were threatened with shootings and other violence in what police say was part of a nationwide hoax.