There have been growing concerns over an invasive species called the Spotted Lanternfly, an insect known to feed on crops like grapes and apples. While the Spotted Lanternfly has not been seen yet in the North Country Region, its ability to travel on cars and trailers has officials worried it could continue to spread north.

The Department of Agriculture is most worried about the economic impact in the state, as the grape and win industries are worth around $300 million in New York. Chris Logue, the Director for the Division of Plant Industry spoke about the likelihood of the invasive species growing into the North Country.

“In some of the colder areas of New York, it will probably not establish long-term, there are parts of New York where you will probably get cold enough temperatures one out of three years to knock the population back.”

While the Spotted Lanternfly may not be in the region yet, Logue asks people in the North Country that if they see it, to take a picture and report it right away on their website so they can begin investigating the area.

Vermont does not have any established populations, but one was found during an inspection of a trailer in Rutland County in 2021. None have been reported since.