A new law in Plattsburgh will come into play the next time severe winter weather arrives in the Lake City.

The city’s snow emergency lights will continue to be activated by 6 p.m. when snow is expected, giving residents at least six hours’ notice to move their cars before public works crews begin plowing streets.

But instead of the streets reopening at 6 a.m., the ban will last until either midnight the next night or until the lights are turned off again

“Many of us who try to manage the city’s resources effectively know that a very short six-hour window between 12 a.m. and 6 a.m. is just not always enough time,” Mayor Chris Rosenquest said during Thursday night’s Common Council meeting.

The city has been considering the new policy since last year.

“In the end, it’s going to get the roads cleared out more efficiently and quicker, so in the end, it’ll be better for everybody,” Ward 6 Democrat Jeff Moore said. “And if this doesn’t work out, we can always try something else — but we need to do something.”

Downtown parking lots will be open during snow emergencies and parking enforcement will be suspended

“We do control the lights downtown separate from the rest of the city, so that once we do the cleanup downtown, we can turn those lights off and people can potentially park on the street to allow for businesses getting business downtown,” Rosenquest added.