Plattsburgh, NY – Plattsburgh Mayor Chris Rosenquest says an anonymous letter outlining complaints against Plattsburgh police leadership has been referred to the New York Attorney General’s Office.

The mayor says by sending the complaint, the whistleblower may have created a “harassing or hostile work environment” at the police department.

The letter, sent Thursday to Mayor Rosenquest, Common Council and members of the media, alleged unethical and discriminatory behavior by police leadership, including racially charged remarks involving two members of the department.

Plattsburgh’s Public Safety Committee called an emergency meeting and said it would launch an investigation into the allegations.

Mayor Rosenquest says as part of its initial investigation, both participants in that conversation were interviewed and both denied that any insensitive or racially charged comments were made.

The mayor says the city has reached out to the person who sent the letter requesting additional information and has not received a response.

The mayor reiterated the City’s whistleblower policy protects people making “good faith complaints.”

In a statement issued Friday, Mayor Rosenquest says the City will be investigating the publication of the letter and has referred the matter to the regional office of the New York State Attorney General.