ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10)— Governor Kathy Hochul has the highest job approval rating she has ever had at 56% and her highest favorability rating of 48% percent, according to the latest Siena Poll.

“I was a little bit surprised that her job approval and favorability ratings were as high as they were because of where she had been over the last year heading into the election and last month— a month after the election,” said Steven Greenberg, a pollster for the Siena College Research Institute.” I was surprised to see that pick up of 15 points in her job approval rating.”

Overall, many of Hochul’s State of the State proposals were supported by New York voters.

According to the survey, 85% are in favor of not raising the state income tax this year, 76% are favor of basing increases in New York’s minimum wage on the rate of inflation, and 68% would like to see the state constitution include an equal rights amendment.

When it comes to giving judges more discression to set bail for offenders accused of serious crimes, Greenburg broke down the numbers.

“It’s supported by 61% by Republicans, 63% of Independents, and 68% of Democrats. So while this is supposed to be an issue that appeals more to Republicans, than Democrats— actually it appeals a little more to Democrats than Republicans.”

Republican Assembly Minority Leader, Will Barclay was happy the governor mentioned the issue of crime in her State of the State Address.

“I want to see her also spend some political capital and get some of the changes that we have been advocating for like giving judges discretion when there is a violent criminal to be able to hold them without bail,” said Barclay. “That’s a very common sense approach.”

However, one issue that most voters are against is raising SUNY tuition up to 3% for most schools.

“62% of New Yorkers oppose that idea, compared to only 28% that support it,” explained Greenberg. “And the opposition is with Democrats, with republicans, with independents. Young, old, downstate, upstate, across the board.”

The survey was conducted last week and 821 registered voters took part in it.