Vermont State Police say they haven’t yet arrested the suspect in a Friday night shots-fired incident in Shaftsbury that led to a standoff with law enforcement lasting several hours.

Troopers accuse Gerardo Zelayagranados, 31, of firing into both the air and the ground near three different people at his house on Ehrich Road shortly before 8:00. He’s believed to have been impaired at the time by drugs, alcohol or both. However, he’s not believed to have fired directly at anyone. No one was injured.

When investigators arrived at his home, Zelayagranados reportedly shut off the lights and refused for several hours to come out. VSP says they didn’t want to escalate the situation any further, so they withdrew from the area without taking him into custody.

Authorities are still investigating, so they’re asking you to call the VSP Shaftsbury field station at (802) 442-5421 if you know anything else. They also say they’ll provide more information about the case once that investigation is farther along.