After leaving back in March, students and faculty are getting ready to hit the books and get back to school.

“We’re looking forward to our students return, and we hope that we’re allowed to do that and we hope that we can have a great year and work together with our community and our parents to provide as effective an education as possible. While we work together to keep everyone safe,” says Champlain Valley Educational Services District Superintendent, Dr. Mark Davey.

In just three short weeks students across New York will be heading back to school. For the Peru Central School District and for CVES… it means two days in person, three days remote, with students being split into A and B groups. A group students would come in Monday & Tuesday, and B group students on Thursday and Friday, with a fully remote day on Wednesday, allowing schools time to fully disinfect.

But as Peru Central Superintendent, Dr. Thomas Palmer says, this has some parents frustrated. “What do you do with your elementary child the other three days when you’re returning to work? We understand that, but it’s simply impossible to put people in the spaces, or have enough people to service kids.”

Everyone’s back to school outfits are also going to look a little different this year too, explains Dr. Davey. “While our students are on campus, we are asking them to wear masks all the time.”

But that’s just one of the few changes you’ll notice, in Peru, students won’t be heading to the cafeteria for lunch time. “It’s much different than having them go through the cafeteria line, and get to pick and choose right, and actually walk out of the cafeteria”, says Dr. Palmer. “The cafeteria is now going to the classrooms.”

But it’s not just students and their parents concerned about returning to the classroom this year. Dr. Palmer says the district has “Heard from some teachers that are having difficulty coming back to school for medical reasons and others, so we’re not even sure the capacity I have for teachers.”

The first day of school is September 8th.