Amid declining enrollment and the threat of faculty layoffs, Paul Smith’s College is reassuring stakeholders on campus and the community that it is here to stay.

In a letter to faculty, interim president Dan Kellting said the school anticipates around 500 students for the upcoming fall semester. In efforts to expand programs and increase enrollment, the administration is collaborating with Fedcap, a Manhattan-based nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting individuals with employment challenges, while also seeking approval from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education for acquisition by Fedcap.

Amidst the uncertainty surrounding the school’s future, rumors have circulated suggesting the need for a closing plan, a predicament not uncommon among numerous small private colleges nationwide.

In a statement, Paul Smith’s College Chief of Staff ensured that is not the case, saying “Paul Smith’s College is not closing, has no plans to close, and is working in partnership with Fedcap to plan for the years ahead. We are looking forward to welcoming our returning students, incoming class, and building enrollment for the future.”

Feml also said a recent cyber-attack has made the college create a “teach-out” plan to follow Department of Education regulations.

Fedcap says an acquisition of Paul Smith’s College would continue to be a partnership and not a complete takeover.

Paul Smith’s College did not clarify whether layoffs were a possibility.

While the future remains uncertain for the school, the doors to the college in the heart of the Adirondacks will remain open.