Northfield, VT — Norwich University honored retiring Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy on Tuesday by announcing that the college’s school of cybersecurity would carry his name.

Norwich President Major General Mark Anarumo said the Senator Patrick Leahy School of Cybersecurity and Advanced Computing recognizes Leahy’s support for cybersecurity education, including helping Norwich land over $70 million in research and development grants.

“We’re going to focus on a quantum computer, artificial intelligence, machine learning, things like data analytics,” Anarumo. “These are the way all fields are going, and this isn’t just about computer science, it’s the influence of cyber into all academic areas.”

Leahy will be retiring from Congress in January after 48 years in the Senate. Vermont Rep. Peter Welch, who is running to replace Leahy in November, said teaching cybersecurity in schools is important to the next generation of students.

“Cybersecurity is fundamentally what security is now about,” he said, “and it’s absolutely vital to the national interest, and it was also vital that we have a way in which young people are going to be able to help our country protect its secrets and protect its economy.”

Leahy said he is proud the school will bear his name “because we recognize that technology is connecting people.”

“It’s accurate to say, as many have, that technology creates a number of new threats, but, technology allows us to save off those threats, and enjoy the benefit,” he said. “And of course, the most important thing that technology can do is the relationship that it will create between people.”

Norwich University leads the DoD Cyber Institutes, a partnership established in 2020 with five other military colleges. The school recently received $4 million in federal funding to create an artificial intelligence, machine learning and quantum computing learning center

Nathan Romeo, a computer security and information assurance major, said he was able to attend real intelligence conferences through the university.

“Norwich has a great program that allows us to network beyond just Norwich alum, but also people in the industry, both public and private sector, and it’s just a great opportunity to meet a lot of people,” he said. Romeo.