After dozens of people tested positive at Norwich University, students are now confined to their rooms. President Mark Anarumo wanted to make sure students knew they are in this together. 

“So when we announced the in room quarantine there was a lot of stress and tension so I figured, you know I am just going to live in the dorm with them,” Dr. Anarumo said. 

Dr. Anarumo moved into a dorm on Friday and is living alone, documenting his experience along the way.

“I just wanted to live like the students for a while to have a shared experience to show them I understand, modeling is the most critical component of leadership,” Dr. Anarumo said. 

Dr. Anarumo said the most valuable part has been interacting with the students at a more personal level.

“The most beautiful interaction I had was one who actually had a tear coming down his cheek and said ‘thank you for keeping the school open, I’ll do anything I can to stay, please keep fighting for us,’” Dr. Anarumo said. 

Living next to a bunch of college students, Dr. Anarumo even acquired new taste in music.

“If there is one lesson that I learned more than any is that I actually like Post Malone, I never would’ve guessed that,” Dr. Anarumo said. 

David Mcquillan is a student at the university and lives a few floors below Dr. Anarumo. 

“The first day that he came in he knew that students might have been a little uneasy with the president because sometimes it’s scary that the president comes in to live with you, but he’s very personable,” Mcquillan said. 

The community even came together to make cards for the students, some are hanging in the dining hall. 

“Knowing that people in the outside, not just your parents and friends who are supposed to be supportive of you, but people who you might not even know are supporting you from the outside, it’s a pretty cool thing to see,” Mcquillan said.