Burlington, VT — On Tuesday, a man naked from the waist down was reported to be attacking people between Church Street and Main Street.

An officer arrived on the scene and attempted to approach the suspect, 43-year-old Charles Root but was subsequently punched in the face. The officer managed to take Root into custody with the help of a local but was spat in the face by the suspect in the process.

Police conducted interviews with people on the scene. Some of them had tried to help Root but were also attacked. One man commented that he intervened when he witnessed the suspect putting a woman in a headlock and throwing her down on the ground.

Everyone who were injured in this incident declined to pursue criminal charges at that time. The Burlington Fire Department arrived to check on Root’s altered mental state and transported him to the UVM Medical Center.

Charges for disorderly conduct and assaulting officers are pending further evaluation and anyone with information about the incident should contact the Burlington Police Department at (802) 658-2704.