Burlington, VT — One day after two people were arrested in connection to Burlington’s third homicide of the year, Acting Chief of Police Jon Murad and Mayor Miro Weinberger briefed reporters on Sunday’s shooting at City Hall Park, the 23rd gunfire incident in the city this year.

“We are concerned in the direction in which the city is going with regards to certain kinds of crime, certain kinds of incident reports, and particularly gunfire,” Murad said.

Christopher Crawford and Joseph Craig were arrested on Wednesday. Crawford, a New Jersey man, was charged with first-degree murder in the death of Bryan Rogers, a Philadelphia man who was shot in the head.

Craig, of St. Albans, was charged with second-degree murder for driving Crawford to and from the scene.

Both men pleaded not guilty in court Thursday morning.

Murad said the crime was recorded by security cameras on the City Hall building, which allowed detectives to track the suspects. State Attorney Sarah George says the surveillance footage clearly shows the suspect.

Weinberger says more collaboration between city departments can better address current public safety concerns.

“We need more of this interdepartmental, interagency collaboration,” he said. ”That’s the Vermont way. I’ve seen it happen a number of times over the last decades when we do have an emerging public safety incident.”

Murad provided updates on several other shootings. He said in six of of the 23 incidents this year, police do not have witnesses or other evidence needed to make an arrest.

Several people in Burlington said that while they do not fear for their immediate safety, something needs to change.

“I feel pretty safe, there are always people around, I never feel like I’m in danger or anything,” said Quinn Boyd. “It definitely worries me a little bit, especially with the recent uptick in it.”

Marcus Bossiere said it’s problem that can be solved.

“I think that definitely with some work with the local police forces and stuff like that I think we can easily figure out a way to limit these shootings and lessen the number of incidents that happen around town,” he said.