Vermont Secretary of State Jim Condos referred to Tuesday’s primary as “historic,” as he reported well over 155,000 people voted.

That includes those who voted early or absentee, and safely at polling locations throughout the state.  Secretary Condos also said outdoor and drive-thru polling locations were utilized as well.

“Yesterday’s ‘Pandemic Primary’ was a great example of Vermont ingenuity and our ‘can do’ spirit. I issued guidance to the clerks around what was possible for outdoor polling places, drive thru voting, and safety measures, then they made it happen in the way that made the most sense for their communities. These folks deserve our thanks for yesterday’s smooth elections and timely election results,” Condos wrote.  He added no voter was forced to choose between their health and their right to vote.

As the focus transitions to the general election, the Secretary of State will talk with clerks and use feedback to figure out the next steps.

While still considered unofficial, votes will be certified next week.