Morristown, VT — For the first time since the pandemic, the North Country Animal League is opening its pet adoption center to the public.

“It’s been a long road for us and our adoptions so we are excited to have people in here seeing the animals interacting with them and we know that is how they will find homes faster,” said Executive Director, Tracy Goldine. “We have about 15 cats at this time ready to find their new homes and we have a full kennel of dogs as well, so probably about 15-17 dogs right now looking for a home, dogs, and puppies”

“So we have three frisky kitties, Artie, Kurt, and Blaine these three are siblings four months old, lots of personalities very playful and also very cuddly,” said Lusana Masrur, Director of Development and Outreach.

For those who have never had a kitten, Masrur gave the following advice. “Kittens are really easy surprisingly yes they do play around they have lots of energy but they are very good at learning how to use the litter box they come out of the womb filled with personality.”

Another cat, Princess, is five years old and was a stray. “As you can see she has a very lovely temperament and is very calm. We have dogs getting walked right now and she is observing them kind of chilling, happy to be here between people.”

Last but not least are the puppies. “These little silly ones are brownie and snoopy, they were found as strays and now they are settling in, just ready to light up someone’s life.”

The shelter reopens Saturday from 1 to 5 pm. For more information, click here.